Hi admirals !
Some news about my work here !

1-Faction status

I’m currently working on Ork fleet deck ; It’s an hard work because their rules are very complex because of erratas, modifications and many rules versions (Clanz / Pirate and waaagh list with respective specific rules)

I hope to publish it somewhere nere end of February.

2-New printing platform !

I’m currently testing a new platform for printing and shipping decks worldwide (DriveThruCards) ; If the test is succesful (what i hope), i plan to move all standard card decks there ; It will grant you prices cheaper for standard cards decks (but not plastic cards, which is not an option on DriveThruCards, and will stay on the current platform.)
Expect March for news.

3-Remastered V2 Decks !

I have reworked all current decks to improve them, reorganize them, and apply some erratas ; I want to publish definitive complete decks who will take consideration of all data from Rulebook, Armada, 2010 Compendium, 2010 FAQ, and 2021 FAQ to match perfectly the edition of the remastered Fleet Book.

Some decks are already up-to-date (Eldar and Necrons and obviously the future Ork deck), some decks have only minor adjustments (FAQ modifications and costs correction mainly, and added faction options who doesn’t appear in original profiles to simplify, like Power rams) on a few cards (Imperial Navy, Space Marines).
Mechanicus deck has lots of restructuration and erratas.
Chaos deck cards have only minor changes, but Chaos deck and Powers of Chaos deck will be merged and the composition of the final Chaos deck completely reorganized to match all possibilities.

This V2 is planned to be exhaustive and totally accurate, and will be the definitive edition, matching in all points Remastered edition.

Release probable near end of February / March.