Rogue Trader Fleet

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Rogue Trader Fleet Deck – Remastered

Number of cards : 54
Finish : Standard cards or Plastic cards 
Size : 2.5 » x 3.5 » (63.5mm x 89mm)
Packaging : Shrink-wrapped or Plain plastic box
Source : 2010 Compendium, 2010 FAQ & Warp Rift magazine #35

Remastered fleet deck for BFG Rogue Trader.
This definitive edition include all official FAQ ships and rules modifications, and match Remastered Edition.

This main deck contains all the cards (see exact content below) you need to play your Rogue Trader fleet
Include all ships and rules from 2010 compendium, 2010 FAQ and modular Rogue Trader ships from Warp Rift #35.

This deck contains all the cards listed below (54 cards ) and include all ships from Rogue Trader fleet, Exploration fleet and Pirates and wolfpacks lists.

-Standard version is poker-sized and easy to sleeve to protect it and allow writing on it with erasable markers.
-Plastic card version is stronger and and offers a high quality finish. This version is supplied in its Plain plastic box.


Rogue Trader Cruiser x3
Modular Rogue Trader Cruiser x3
Modular Rogue Trader Grand Cruiser x2
Heavy Transport x2
Lunar x2
Carnage x2
Tyrant x2
Murder x2
Space Marines Strike Cruiser x1

Light Cruisers
Dauntless x3
Endeavour x3
Siluria x3

Havoc x1
Recommissioned Escort x1
Iconoclast Destroyer x1
Firestorm Frigate x1
Storm Frigate x1
Falchion Frigate x1
Cobra Destroyer x1
Dagger Class Gunboat & rules x1
Xenos Vessels x1
Pthuxutl war cruiser x1
Fra’al raider x1
Nekulli whip x1
Cargo vessel x1
Escort carrier x1
Q-ship x1
Armed freighter x1
Cargo transport x1

Xenos allies
Fra’al battleship x2
Demiurg Stronghold x1
Demiurg Bastion x1
Demiurg Citadel x1
Kroot Warsphere x1

Fleet Commander
Veteran Rogue Trader x3

Pirate Captain x3

Reference Cards
Xenotech Table + Gunnery Table x1