Eldar Fleet

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Eldar Fleet Deck – Remastered

Number of cards : 54
Finish : Standard cards or Plastic cards
Size : 2.5 » x 3.5 » (63.5mm x 89mm)
Packaging : Shrink-wrapped or Plain plastic box
Source : Rulebook, Armada, 2010 Compendium & 2010 FAQ

-This main deck contains all the cards (see exact content below) you need to play your Eldar fleet
-Contains ships and rules.

Remastered fleet deck for BFG regular Eldar, including Eldar corsairs lists and  Craftworlds lists. 
This definitive edition include all official FAQ ships and rules modifications, and match Remastered Edition.

This main deck contains all the cards (see exact content below) you need to play your Eldar fleet
Include all ships and rules from Rulebook, Armada2010 compendium, and 2010 FAQ.

-Standard version is poker-sized and easy to sleeve to protect it and allow writing on it with erasable markers.
-Plastic card version is stronger and and offers a high quality finish. This version is supplied in its Plain plastic box.


Void Stalker x2

Flame of Asuryan x1
Dragonship x4
Eclipse x4
Shadow x4
Wraithship x4

Light Cruisers
Aurora x3
Solaris x3

Hellebore x3
Aconite x3
Nightshade x3
Hemlock x3
Shadowhunter x3
Transport x1

Fleet Commanders
Prince Yriel x1
Autarch x1
Farseer x3
Eldar Hero x1
Pirate Prince x1

Ghostship x3

Refence Cards
Eldar Rules x2
Eldar Orders + Eldar Critical Hits x1