Custom cards service

Play with your own fleet cards !

It is now possible to use your own cards with your ship’s visuals and their names!

Visuals, names, options, back of the cards… Tell me what you want, and I’ll make the cards for you to match your own fleet!

Choose the type of finish of your choice (plastic or standard cards), tell me the number of unique cards to design and the size of the card pack you want, and fill in your delivery zone to get an estimate of the price it will cost you!
You can also choose any existing cards of your choice to complete the pack!

Don’t hesitate to contact me on Facebook (see link below) if you have questions or requests !

Standard cards

Standard cards are printed and shipped by DriveThruCards (USA based)

Plastic cards

Plastic cards are printed and shipped by PrinterStudio

Remember that this is an estimate and that prices may vary slightly depending on the order and the delivery area!

If this suits you, then contact me and explain your needs in detail!