The cards

Anatomy of the cards

Ship Card

A – Faction symbol / Category / Class of the ship
B – Nominal cost
C – Visual of the ship
D – Ship name field (to fill)
E – Leadership field (to fill)
F – Hit points (to tick)
G – Ship stats (movement, rotation, shields, armor, turrets)
H – Critical damages (to tick)
I – Ship rules / Ship options (to tick)
J – Faction special rules
K – Armament (type / range / firepower / arc)

Fleet Commander Card

1 – Commander leadership field (to fill)
2 – Cost field (to fill)
3 – Type of commander
4 – Faction special rules
5 – Rerolls (to tick)

All cards are standard poker-sized.
Once sleeved, it is easy to write on it with an erasable marker.

Plastic card decks do not require protection and can write on it with a pencil and use an eraser (or special erasable marker and special cloth : test it on a blank card to verify you use appropriate marker) to track options & damages on your ships.This version is supplied in its Plain plastic box.

Printed cards – Standard version

Printed cards – Plastic version