Your entire fleet at your fingertips

Standard sleevable poker-size high-end cards for quick fleet-building and stats

and complete

Detailled cards displaying all useful informations in one blink : HP, stats values, armaments, classes, special rules…

Designed to be
written on

Designed to be completed with erasable markers to keep track of option choices and damage received during battle

About us

What is Fleet Deck ?

Fleet deck is a solo and amateur project intended to provide BFG players with high-end stats cards that are both pleasant to consult and useful.

Build your fleet lists easily, and consult at any time the statistics of your ships and your fleet commanders, or the rules of your faction

And keep track of your choice of options or the damage of your vessels easily !

All the decks include the profiles of each ships (Battleships, Cruisers, Escorts…) of the faction, its fleet commanders, special faction rules, some blank cards for custom ships and reference cards (Gunnery, Orders…)


All the factions

Discover the different faction decks and their variants.
Each Deck is available in standard cards or plastic cards

Join the endless forces of the
Imperium of Man and fight
for the survival of Mankind

Destroy the False Idol and
watch the galaxy burn to satisfy
the insatiable hunger of the Chaos Gods

Join the best of the best,
the elite of the elite,
first and last ramparts of Humankind

011000101110 10 1101101000 10100 101010  1110101110 100101001 0101010 1010100111 0101 1101 111

Eldar Fleet

Join the ancient and mysterious Eldar
and protect the remains 
of their dying Empire

Necron Fleet

Destroy all life across
the galaxy and awaken
your ancient empire

Ork Fleet

Join the wild hordez of
green-skinz and fight
for the klanz !

Tyranid Fleet

Kill one and ten take its
place ; Time to feed
the great devourer

Dark Eldar Fleet

Live your life to the fullest extent,
be free of the shackles and
enslave your ennemies


Fight trough the stars
and unite all races
for the Greater Good

Rogue Trader

Explore the stars
Push your limits
Expand the Emperor’s domain


Burn the heretic.
Kill the mutant.
Purge the unclean

Build your own fleet,
play with your custom fanrules
and rule over the entire galaxy !

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