Hi Admirals !

I heard your requests : Inquisition & Rogue Trader decks are now released !

At the moment they are already available in plastic version on PrinterStudio, but the standard versions should be available on DriveThruCards around August 10th, if you prefer.

This means that to date, ALL official factions, major and minor, from the rulebook, Armada, and Compendium 2010 are now covered. All of them without exception.

A big thanks

It was a titanic job, the result of more than 8 months of work, which required the collection and verification of an incredible amount of data, rules, statistics, FAQs and clarifications, distributed in many various and varied documents, but it’s now done and I’m proud of the result!

I take this opportunity to thank all the members of the community, and in particular the Discord BFG (And in particular Horizon for his help and its availability), who helped me a lot when I had rules questions, and who allowed me not to go crazy when centralizing the rules of some factions (Yes I’m talking about you Rogue Traders and Orks!) XD

And what’s now ?

I don’t know yet what follow-up to the BFG-Fleet Deck project, or if there will be a follow-up: The future will tell us!

Don’t hesitate to help me promote the project, to publish your photos of games using my cards on social networks (I’m always happy to see my work used!), to talk about it around you to help me keep the project alive…