Hi guys ! On the occasion of Christmas, one of the platforms (PrinterStudio) that print and distribute my BFG Fleet Decks is doing a -20% discount on all his shop until December 11, including my decks ! Use […]
Hi Admirals!Good plan in sight! For those who are interested in Fleet Decks but who have never dared to take the plunge, or wish to make a bulk order, know that the PrinterStudio platform is currently offering a […]
Hi Admirals!Some news from the front! If the BFG Fleet Deck project is now complete and all factions in the game now have their own ship decks, the project is not abandoned! ^^ Want to own cards with […]
Hi Admirals ! I heard your requests : Inquisition & Rogue Trader decks are now released ! At the moment they are already available in plastic version on PrinterStudio, but the standard versions should be available on DriveThruCards […]
Hi Admirals, it’s time to give some news about the project! 1 – New deck: Additional ships for Chaos I just published this 36-card deck containing all Chaos ship not included in the regular Chaos lists.This includes all […]
Hi Admirals, Some of you were asking for it, you were expecting it (or not), but now the time has come: The Imperial Navy – Additional ships deck is now ready! But what is it, you ask me? […]
All regular factions are now released ; Dark Eldar and Tau (and their allies : Demiurg, Nicassar and Kroot !) fleets are available in premium plastic version decks right now ! It’s the last factions fleets decks for […]
Hello Admirals! The BFG Fleet Deck project is now complete and currently on stand-by… For now. To clarify things, I wanted to address a few points: Most of you have noticed that I recently reworked all the decks […]
2 good news today for you Admirals ! 1 – Ork and Tyrannid Fleet Decks are now released It took me a while, but it’s now complete!Both decks include their respective faction rules and the necessary special cards! […]
Good news Admirals ; The Ork fleet deck is now ready and verified, as well as the Tyranid fleet deck! The V2 of all existing decks is also ready, in order to offer an advanced experience, even more […]