Hello Admirals!

The BFG Fleet Deck project is now complete and currently on stand-byFor now.

To clarify things, I wanted to address a few points:

  • Most of you have noticed that I recently reworked all the decks for an improved version; the « Remastered » version (aka V2).
    I want to reassure owners of V1 decks; it’s just practical improvements (adding faction options directly on some cards), changing the composition of decks for more convenience, and a few point cost fixes. What’s more, these modifications only concern 4 decks (the first historical releases) out of the 9 available.
    This means that players who have purchased the first editions obviously do not need to buy anything back: their cards are always correct and can be used without worry.
    V2 just offers « bonuses » and a reorganization of certain decks (for example the merge of Chaos and Powers of Chaos decks)

  • Still on the Remastered editions; They are the definitive edition of the decks, there will be no V3, never.

  • On the deck side, the Tau and Dark Eldar factions have not been covered, for 2 reasons: First, these are the 2 least played factions and therefore the least represented, but creating a deck requires a lot time, but the BFG Fleet Deck project is a modest, small-run project that exists with virtually no advertising or promotion, and I’m not sure it will pay for itself afterwards.
    It is not impossible that they will arrive one day, maybe this year… But it’s not planned, and not for the moment ^^

  • Finally, the main reason for this stand-by; I am a young and proud father of 2 little boys, Virgile (4.5 y.o.) and Arthur (born this Christmas 2021), and it takes up a lot of my time and energy.
    I thus prefer to conclude the project properly – at least for a time – so as not to leave the players waiting eternally, and I continue to think about on what’s next; What future for the project? Time will tell.