Navy Fleet (Additional ships)

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Navy Fleet Deck – Additional ships

Number of cards : 54
Finish : Standard cards or Plastic cards
Size : 2.5 » x 3.5 » (63.5mm x 89mm)
Packaging : Shrink-wrapped or Plain plastic box
Source : 2010 Compendium (Battlefleet Bakka, Inquisition) & Additional Ships Compendium (Compilation from White Dwarf, BFG magazines, etc…)

This deck contains all additional official ships from diverses official sources like BFG magazines and White Dwarf, compilated in the BFG Additional Ships Compendium 1.4.

This deck contains all the cards listed below (54 cards), and is ideal to complete your regular Navy fleet deck
>Include all Navy ships from  BFG Additional Ships Compendium 1.4.
>Include all ships and Lord Admiral Rath for Battlefleet Bakka fleet lists from 2010 Compendium.
>Include all ships and Inquisitor Lord  for Inquisition fleet list from  2010 Compendium.

-Standard version is poker-sized and easy to sleeve to protect it and allow writing on it with erasable markers.
-Plastic card version is stronger and and offers a high quality finish. This version is supplied in its Plain plastic box.


Ramilies Star Fort x1

Emperor (Bakka) x1
Retribution (Bakka ) x1
Victory x1
Vanquisher x1
Invincible x2
Nemesis x1
Inquisition Black Ship x1
Grey Knight Battlebarge x1

Grand Cruisers
Furious x2

Heavy Cruisers
Cardinal x2

Dominion x2
Mercury x2
Jovian x1
Long Serpent x2
Orion x2

Daemon Slayer x1
Hawking x2
Arbites Punisher x2
Inquisitorial Cruiser x1 
Rogue Trader Cruiser x2
GK Strike Cruiser x4

Light Cruisers
Siluria x2
Enforcer x2

Endeavour (Bakka) x2
Endurance (Bakka) x2

Havoc Frigate x2
Viper Destroyer x2

Fleet Commanders
Lord Admiral Rath x1
Inquisitor Lord x1
Veteran Rogue Trader x2

Blank cards x3

Regular Navy deck
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