Are you going to cover all factions?

Yes, that’s the idea.

First, I focus on, in order:
1-the Navy
3-the Space Marines
4-Blank deck

6-Chaos – Power of Chaos

f the project is successful, then I would look at the other factions, in the following order:

12-Small factions from 2010 compendium (Rogue traders, Inquisition…)

Are special faction rules incorporated into the deck, as reference cards?


Each faction will be accompanied by reference and specific cards summarizing its specificities, whenever possible.

Are the shipping costs EU / USA / World friendly?

Yes ; the platform I chose for printing / shipping the decks has branches all over the world. This way, wherever you are, it’s always the print shop closest to you that produces.The standard shipping costs will be between 7€ (8$) and 15€ (17$) depending where you live.

What is the format and finish of the decks?

I chose to use a standard poker format 6.4 cm x 8.9 cm (2.5″x 3.5″), the same as Magic the Gathering, because imho it offers several advantages: It avoids very expensive production costs, and it is easy to sleeve to protect the card and allow writing on it.

Each deck will also be printable in a premium version printed on plastic cards in the same format. Although more expensive to produce, the advantage of plastic cards is their strength and the ability to write directly on them with erasable markers without damaging them or needing to sleeve them.

I wanted to leave the choice to the players: The classic standard version at an affordable price, and the premium version in plastic card.

How much will the decks cost?

Count around € 28 / $ 32 for a standard faction deck (54 cards) including all ship profiles + fleet commanders cards + reference cards.In the case of a plastic card faction deck (54 plastic cards), count around € 39 / $ 45, including a rigid plastic storage box.For the players groups and association, keep in mind the decks prices are decreasing if ordered in groups of 5.

How long will it take to receive my decks?

Between 15 and 25 days depending on the country and the type of card chosen, with the standard mode of transport (which I recommend to take advantage of the most advantageous shipping costs).

How are the decks printed and shipped?

BFG-FleetDeck does not print or ship any decks ; The production and shipping of the decks is handled by a specialized third party company: www.printerstudio.com.

Is it possible to provide blank cards for fan-made ships?

Yep, it’s already done : Whenever possible I include a few cards to complete the main fleet decks, and a complete blank deck including blank ship cards, blank fleet commanders and note cards is already ready.

Will the fan-rule ship profiles (ASC 2.0, HH, etc.) have their own decks?

This is not my priority at the moment, but in the long term, if the project is a great success, once the classic factions have been dealt with and the demand is high enough, I will take care of these variants.

In the meantime, I have planned a blank deck allowing everyone to compose their own fan-made fleet.