Ork Fleet

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Ork Fleet Deck – Remastered

Number of cards : 62
Finish : Standard cards or Plastic cards
Size : 2.5 » x 3.5 » (63.5mm x 89mm)
Packaging : Shrink-wrapped or Plain white tuck box
Source : Rulebook, Armada, 2010 Compendium, 2010 FAQ, 2021 FAQ

Remastered fleet deck for BFG Ork, including regular Orks lists and Clanz lists.
This definitive edition include all official FAQ ships and rules modifications, and match Remastered Edition.

This main deck contains all the cards (see exact content below) you need to play your Ork fleet
Include all ships and rules from Rulebook, Armada, 2010 compendium, 2010 FAQ and 2021 FAQ.

-Standard version is poker-sized and easy to sleeve to protect it and allow writing on it with erasable markers.
-Plastic card version is stronger and and offers a high quality finish. This version is supplied in its Plain white tuck box.


Dethdeala x1
Gorbag’s Revenge x1
Slambasta x1
Kroolboy x1

Hammer class x3

Zukov’s Klaw x1
Kill Kroozer x4
Terror Ship x4

Light Cruisers
Lite Kroozer x4

Onslaught Attack Ship x4
Savage Gunship x4
Ravager Attack Ship x4
Brute Ram Ship x4
Grunt Assault Ship x4

Ork Space Hulk x1
Rok x4

Fleet Commanders

Warlord + Klanz Warlord x4
Gubbins x3
Clanz x4

Refence Cards
Faction Rules x1
Faction Orders + Faction Weapons x1
Reference Cards (Gunnery + Critical Hits) x1

Blank Cards x3