Hi admirals !Some news about my work here ! 1-Faction status I’m currently working on Ork fleet deck ; It’s an hard work because their rules are very complex because of erratas, modifications and many rules versions (Clanz […]
Time to extinct all lifeforms and take back your former place over the galaxy !
Greetings Admirals ! Time to anihilate all lifeforms across the galaxy is close ; The « Necrobots » fleet deck is nearly ready for release ! Stay tuned and expect release for Wednesday Decembre 22 😉
As the title said, the Eldar Fleet Deck is now live, and includes Eldar Corsair AND Craftworld references and rules from Rulebook, Armada, 2010 Compendium and 2010 FAQ. Have fun ! Next in the line : Ork fleet […]
Greetings Admirals ! Eldar Fleet Deck is near ; All cards and visuals are now ready, and i just have to check content for bugs.Expect a release near Decembre 20th ! Next step : Release then Ork fleet […]